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When I started my Photography business back in 2011 and then my web site in 2012, I always wanted to have a weekly blog where I share my thought and ramblings on photography. However a full time job and life got into the way and I had to stop publishing.  Since retiring in 2019 and this Covid crisis in 2020, I now find I have the time to work on a blog.

Every Sunday evening, I will be posting topic dealing with the photographic process. Things I have learned about Photoshop, Lightroom, Computer (I have been a Windows user since the DOS day, so do not expect anything to do with MACs) and taking portrait of our Furbaby, Nakita. Every once in awhile I will post some of my recent photographs and describe how it was captured and process. I may even post my journey through the retirement phase of my life (Retired beginning of 2019).

What you will NOT find here is anything dealing with cameras, lens, accessories, world situations, or anything that everybody has an opinion on. In todays world I do not have the time to deal all the drama that it will generate. 

To visit my blog, just click this link Bella Mondo Images Blog .