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Photographic Education

During my working career, I was often in a position where I had to trained other on the project I was working on.  It could be a new machine or process that was going into production, or a new application that that was being installed on their computer. The audience for these training session ranged from Peers to somebody very new to this experience.
I have carried this experience into offering photographic training at all areas of photography, from basic composition to mid-level LightRoom and Photoshop post processing. It does not matter if you have a Phone, Point in Shoot, DSLR or Mirrorless camera, the basics apply to all. 
We offer both individual or group classes that could include field trips to practice what you have learned.   If you have Lightroom or Photoshop we offer classes from how to turn it on to medium level editing.  
To contact us to schedule a session or a pre-session consult, click on this Professions Services Link.