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Social Media

Bella Mondo Images can be found on both Instagram and Facebook.

The first page is Bella_Mondo_Images. On this page I post my most recent photographs along with classic photographs that I have taken over the year. I attempt to have a theme for each month, for example specific photographs for Fall, Spring, Summer, Holidays, etc. I usually will post 3x a week, on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. around 7:00 ET

The second page is Nakitadoodle. This page is devoted to pictures of our furbaby Nakits, a 8yr old Goldendoodle. We also have 3 grand furbabies, Winston who is the oldest, COCO is next and the newest furbaby is Shibi. You are welcomed to check out our little friends anytime you wish. 

My Facebook page is used for posting notices about the business, for example what craft shows we will be attending, special offers and other business related issues. To visit my Facebook page click on Bella Mondo Images by John Esposito. I also will post some of my pre-processing photos to get some feedback from my friends and followers who are mostly photographers like myself.