"If you are not having fun, it’s not worth doing"

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My thought and ramblings on Photography and whatever and whenever something come to mind. What you will NOT find here is anything dealing with everyday photography topic that tend to divide people, cameras, lens, programs, Adobe, etc. This is my opinions and in todays world I do not have the time to deal with all the drama that it will generate

"If you are not having fun, it’s not worth doing"

Strange title? Let me explain

At the start of 2020 I made a resolution that this year my photography would focus on capturing everyday place in a way that has not been seen before, including places that I have never been before and places I did have enough time to do justice to the shoot. That included taking a weekend trip to the Mohawk Valley of NY to photograph fall foliage, a week trip to NYC to capture the foliage there, and some of the other state park in New York, beside Letchworth. TO say this was one resolution I did not keep is an understatement!

This late summer and early fall, I was able to get to Allegany State park in southern NY for the first time. The colors were near peak, but it still was a different place and I was able to get a great shot of the Kelly Wooden Bridge and the typical winding road shot.  I also spent time at Sodus Point and Chimney Bluff NY to capture both sunrises and sunsets, though they were not very different than what you find on the web. Reluctantly I went to Letchworth for a couple of sunrises. Again colors were near peak, but I did find a new spot that I had not photographed before so that was good. However as the season progressed and the colors reach peak, every photographer that I followed on social media, had the same shots of Letchworth, from the same freaking spots, and to be honest there was very little originality in 99.9% of them.  No imagination,No story to be told,  just typical shots of High Falls, Inspiration Point and Archer point. Between seeing what other have done, the fact that I was to be in NYC for my birthday fall shoot and bad weather, I gave up on anymore fall foliage shots.

Since I started with my Photography, it was a way to separate from my full time job.  I would always say that a bad weekend at a craft show was better than a good day at work. It was to be the fun thing I did when I retired, a way to make some extra money, but not meant to be another full time job. I like to visit place for other reason than just to get more pictures to sell, but to explore and this year there seemed to be a lot of pressure to go out and shoot. There is enough crap to deal with this year, so I stopped taking pictures this fall.

In every hobby there comes a time where you need to take a break, and the fall of 2020 is mine. Since the beginning of the fall I have been working on getting my Pet Portrait business started again, learning how to sell on Etsy and improve my presence on Social Media. I have always want to do some stop action photos, and I plan on doing some that over the next few month. In fact I plan on documenting my progress on this blog. After the first of the year I will start my yearly process of reviewing all my show photos, removing those that have had no sales, or I have better shots, add new photo, and prepare for the possibility of having a full show season.

So come fall of  2021 I will pull myself up by my bootstrap, hope I can travel more than 3 hours from Rochester and get back into landscapes and cityscapes photography.  However for now I will sit on the sidelines and let the other shoot the same old stuff.

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